Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Week six - 07/03/11 - 13/03/11

Having finally chosen fruit as our venue the group were able to finally discuss the theme for the event.

It was decided the original Hollywood theme for the event would be unsuitable for the venue due to its limitations. Fruit is an alternative arts venue that gives of a theme grunge, underground arts scene and not that of a Hollywood film premier. The floor is plain concrete and not carpet, chairs and table available are not high status, the cloak room being obviously made out of wood that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Instead a new theme has been suggested this being a film magazine theme. This theme entails the two steel poles located in the centre of the space is covered in magazine cuttings from film and television magazines. Also another idea suggested was that each member of the group has a head shot taken for them similar to those used by actors, with the addiction of a personal quote to display at the event. This would help establish exactly whose night this is and who the members of the group are. This would also give guests a conversation starter and would give another area for audience members to focus on. This would further possible networking opportunities in a positive manner.

Also this it was confirmed that event had its first sponsor who would be willing to donate money to the event night in exchange for sponsorship. The sum of money would also be able to pay the venue hire costs outright. This reduces the personal cost to the group and giving the group more financial flexibility. However to receive this donation the group needed to setup a bank account so the check could be made payable to an account and that it could be referenced. I and another member of the group volunteered to setup the account for the group.

Considering this week’s progress it has been positive. With the venue now confirmed the group is able to decide the theme based on the venue. This has now meant that there is a more clear defined approach to the event development. Also with the money coming from the sponsor this may possibly up the group’s game as an outside entity is making an investment to the event meaning the group now have responsibility to uphold this agreement with the sponsor. What is important now is for the progress to continue into next week so that the momentum is not lost.

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