Saturday, 5 February 2011

Week One 24/01/11 - 30/01/11

Being the first week of the module there wasn’t a great deal to complete. However the group was able to organize itself for a production meeting to discuss ideas for the showcase. The way the meeting was structured was one member of the group to chair the meeting and another member to take minutes. These were important as the chairman managed what topics to be discussed and monitored the conversation to keep members on track with the subject. The minute’s taker was very important by recording any decisions made during the meeting and any tasks given to particular people. These minutes will document the progress of the production. During this meeting the task assigned to myself was to contact a list of venues to find out costs, capacity, facilities, and equipment.

During the meeting there were concerns brought up about the facilities available may affect the amount of attendants. For example car parking may affect how many visitors can get to the event.

“Vehicles will belong to three groups: Staff, exhibitors and the public. You will have to make arrangements for sufficient space for them to park safely and within reach of the central event site” (Conway, 2004, p97).

If there is not enough room for visitors then how are the organisers going to be able to park close enough? This is also true on other facilities such as: toilets, capacity, catering, bars, as these will affect how many and what age visitors can come. Each facility that is present or absent can affect the event. This required me to ask in detail what facilities were available at each venue, whether they would be able to open them for the event, and whether this would add any extra cost.


Conway, D. (2004) The Event Managers Bible. Oxford, How to Books Ltd.

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