Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Week Three - 07/02/10 - 13/02/11

This week for showcase management has again been about the venue selection for the event.

The KC stadium was approached again to enquire about a smaller venue at a reduced price. They offered their sports bar capable of seating 400 people at a cost of £120. However the group would have to provide the audio visual equipment for the showcase itself. Considering this the group have decided to remove the KC stadium from the venue shortlist. This means that VUE cinema and Fruit are the only venues that remain on the shortlist. Emmeline decided to contact Fruit to organize a viewing of the space for the group to gather a better feel.

Although the venues are making slow progress this has also allowed for the group to consider other options within the event itself.

During the meeting on the 7th of February it was decided that Melanie, Chris, and me were assigned to taken on the role of putting together a behinds the scenes show reel for each film including interviews of cast and crew. This will require organisation to film and edit in time for the event but will be possible with good organisation.

From this past week it has shown that although the venue is becoming more focused and taking more time, the group is still making progress in other areas by assigning tasks to other people. Although this is showing adequate use of group members it should be stressed that without a definitive venue the progress will be slow.

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