Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Week Two - 30/01/11 - 06/02/11

This week the group is still deciding on the venue for the showcase. After giving the information to the group at the meeting on Monday the 31st of February it was decided that the KC stadium, thought it had good faculties, was too expensive at £8.50 per head. However after explaining that this was the most expensive option at the KC it was concluded that an enquiry about lowering the price needed to be made. Also the freedom centre venue was agreed to be the most suitable venue out of the selection due to its price of £300. Also the facilities available would suit the event.

The Hull truck and reel cinema venues were dropped from the list due to being to expensive and unavailable. The Vue and Fruit venues had to be followed up for the next meeting.

This process of keeping a possible venue and dropping them, shows that the group is considering what is within the realistic limitations of the event.

“With an open-ended budget, anyone can plan a great event. But your financial resources are limited. An event planner can always plan a great event with any reasonable budget” (Hard, About.com).

It also shows that the group is looking at the facilities available at each venue and working out whether the price exceeds the possible benefits. This shows a professional attitude that is flexible and will consider all the available information whilst planning the event. Planning should be flexible because it must allow for the event to evolve as new information is received (Conway, 2004).


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